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Letters of Reference

Estate Homes in Naples by Newbury North Associates“This is the fifth custom home that we have built and, without any doubt, it is the finest in not only quality of construction, but [also] in the relationship we had with David and his men.”

“David’s attention to details by making notes and being a good listener, as well as his good judgment, made building our home pleasurable. We were very pleased with the progress of our construction.”

“Our home is highly customized {old French} which required the service of an interior designer. This can be a problem for the builder, but in our case it worked out very satisfactorily.”

“We cannot recommend Newbury North highly enough.”

Don & Joanne S.

“I am writing this letter in support of Newbury North Associates with whom we have been teamed for the past two years on the construction of a new residence in Port Royal. I have been extremely fortunate to have worked with several excellent general contractors during my tenure....both in Europe and in the U.S., and I would place Newbury North Associates at the top of the list.”

“Newbury North has performed with the highest level of professionalism and leadership, as well as committing, whole-heartedly, to the needs of both the client and architect.”

“Newbury North not only demands excellence, they achieve excellence and I would welcome the opportunity to work with them again on any future project.”

Donald C. – Architect

“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and your staff for a remarkable job performed in completing our house in Port Royal. We are truly delighted with the house and I know it will be a source of great joy for my family and me for many years to come.”

“You and your team achieved the highest level of craftsmanship with admirable poise. I wish to express my appreciation for the commitment of Newbury North to the making of our house and the supreme effort devoted to it.”

Dr. Klaus N.

“I have built several manufacturing facilities, including offices as well as a condo development in Fort Myers, and Dave Rogers of Newbury North Associates is the best contractor I have ever run into. His attention to detail and documentation of every facet of construction and quality is something I have never experienced before. This same experience has been shared by everyone else who he has built for.”

“I would recommend him over any other contractor that I am aware of in this or any other area.”

Very Truly,
Fred H. G.

“I am very pleased with the job done by Newbury North Associates, Inc. The house was finished within the time frame agreed despite a very short construction time allowed.”

“The quality of the work of Newbury North Associates is excellent and far superior to most other homes I have seen in Port Royal. David Rogers has the ability to understand the requirements of his clients and to contribute to improvements with practical solutions where most architects fail.”

From my experience I can recommend David Rogers & Newbury North Associates to anyone looking for a quality home.”

Hans S.

“One of the most positive aspects of building a home with Newbury was your constant interest in architectural beauty. Although our architect was a good one, the real credit for the interior architecture belongs to you.”

“Your subs were always under your complete control and clearly responsive to your directions. Since I have been building in Naples, I have never seen this effective management control over subcontractors.”

“From a financial standpoint your bookkeeping and detailed reporting were on a par with the best of businesses.”

“This home sold at the highest price ever recorded in Port Royal and I believe the owner would share my opinion it is worth every cent. As a further acknowledgment of your work the home was featured as the cover home in Florida Architecture.”

“I am pleased to give my unqualified endorsement of Dave Rogers as the finest custom home builder anyone could ask for, or be fortunate enough to find.”

James P. L.

“This letter is being written as a testimonial to the fine efforts, dedication, and craftsmanship displayed by Dave Rogers and Newbury North to the benefit of an Italiante style residence here in Naples, Florida.”

“Although I have had dealings with countless builders and contractors through the years, I have yet to be as impressed as to the level of commitment and planning Mr. Rogers brings to the project. His unique ability to foresee potential problems and solve them not only produced a seamless construction endeavor, it also created an unsurpassed quality of detail, which the client and this firm demanded.”

It is without any reservations that I would recommend Mr. Rogers and his team at Newbury North for any construction undertaking of any size or scope.”

Jeffery W. S. - Architect

“We have built two houses in Chicago and two here in Florida and Dave Rogers is the best contractor we have had. He is very knowledgeable and his office team are professional and their attention to detail very precise. All try their utmost to do things on a timely basis and their co-operation is outstanding.”

If you have a chance to see the house Dave is building for us, you will immediately recognize the quality of his work and the pride of the whole team.”

Richard & Neona C.

“Your entire team proved to be both extremely capable and continually cooperative on a building that demanded extreme levels of detail and precision. We consider ourselves fortunate to have been associated with you and your talented group.”

“Newbury North Associates exceeded our expectations for a builder and managed to accomplish this difficult building task under the scrutiny of both a demanding architect and a meticulous owner. You were able to maintain an exemplary quality of work while adhering to the sensitivity and character of our design.”

Sincerely yours,
Richard M. - Architect

“This is just a brief note to tell you how pleased Sally and I are with the outstanding service you are providing for us in the construction of our home in Port Royal.”

“We asked the realtor through whom we had purchased the land to recommend a builder. The response was simple; “if you want the best, you have to choose Newbury North.””

“....we visited some of the homes you had constructed and spoke with the owners. They raved about the product you had created, and said that you were easy to work with, and that honesty and integrity were your trademarks.”

“We felt so strongly about it that we resolved to retain Newbury North even before hiring an architect. We haven’t once regretted that decision.”

Ted R.

“I am a builder myself and I build high end projects in various parts of the country and have found that Dave is the most impressive and reliable builder that I have dealt with.”

“He looks after and insists on fine craftsmanship from every subcontractor, and he does not accept second rate work in anything. When I originally hired Dave it was because I knew of the quality projects he put together, but more important than that, he spends hours every week on the job making sure that every detail is correct.”

“I am most impressed with his integrity and craftsmanship in all areas of the project. If I were to build again, I would use him and highly recommend him.”

Wilbert H.

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